18 Months - 3.5 Years
  • Program Overview

    What to expect for your toddlers
  • Toddler Program

    Our Toddler program, designed for children ages 18 months through 3 year of age, focus on a period of tremendous development and growth. During this stage, children develop 80% of their personality, enhance their mobility, improve their gross and fine motor skills, as well as learn they are separate individuals yet a vital part of a community. It is a critical time of development for a child. Working with the children’s natural tendencies shows them a respect for their childhood, and encourages them to enjoy learning.

    Our teachers take great care in providing a nurturing, safe and comfortable atmosphere, while at the same time igniting the child’s natural curiosity in the many materials and activities offered in the classroom. Children are not required to be potty-trained to enter this program.

    • Toddler Room 1:
      18 Months - 3/3.5 Years
    • Toddler Room 2:
      18 Months - 3/3.5 Years
  • Toddler Curriculum Goals

    The toddler stage can be seen as one of the most challenging (and rewarding) times. Toddlers are very mobile and active using all five senses to discover the world. Adults are challenged to provide a safe, but stimulating environment in which the child can grow. The toddler responds well to regular daily routine with set meal times, rest times and play times. Toilet training is best accomplished by taking the child to the toilet at the same times each day.

    Important independence skills are being acquired during these years, including personal care such as toileting, feeding and dressing. Patience is essential as a toddler struggles to master skills (developing independence at this stage occurs after much repetition and encouragement). Realistic toys will enable children to engage in increasingly complex types of play and practice.

    Toddlers are learning to produce language rapidly. They need simple books, pictures, puzzles and music, plus time and space for active play such as jumping, running and dancing. Toddlers are acquiring social skills, but in groups there should be several of the same toys because egocentric toddlers are not yet able to understand the concept of sharing.

  • Class Educators

    With education and experience in early childhood care
    • Ms Emily
      Toddler Room Teacher

      Ms Emily

      Toddler Room Teacher
    • Ms Mara
      Toddler Room Teacher

      Ms Mara

      Toddler Room Teacher
    • Ms Wendy
      Toddler Room Teacher

      Ms Wendy

      Toddler Room Teacher

      Although Ms. Wendy is new to Montessori, she is in not new to education, and is currently the Lead teacher in the Toddler classroom.  Prior to joining the Toddler room, she was the teacher in our Tiny Tot classroom, and spent the 12 years prior as a para professional at Picotte Elementary.  While she worked with a variety of age levels, most of her time at OPS was spent with kindergarten and first graders.  In addition to her classroom experience, Wendy has three children of her own. Her youngest daughter is a junior at Burke High School; her son will be graduating from Burke this May; and her oldest daughter is a freshman in college.  If you need to contact Miss Wendy, please email her at .


    • Danelle Babe
      Toddler Room Teacher

      Danelle Babe

      Toddler Room Teacher

      Ms. Danelle (Ms. Dani) was born and raised in Omaha and graduated from Ralston High School. She began working at Scooters during high school, was promoted to store manager and worked there for seven years. Ms. Dani has always had a love for children and felt it was a perfect time to start a new career. She joined The Hills team early 2017 and is having so much fun with the toddlers. Ms. Dani feels her experiences at The Hills has given her some great preparations to becoming a  mother herself – she is due with her first child in September of this year! Ms. Dani’s hobbies include reading and painting, but her favorite past time activity is playing her two cats, Kiya and Kujo!!

    • Ms Hannah
      Toddler Room Teacher

      Ms Hannah

      Toddler Room Teacher

      Ms. Hannah was born and raised in Omaha.  She attended Central High School and graduated in 2012.  During high school and after graduation, Ms. Hannah worked as an in-home nanny for four years.  She has studied sociology at Metropolitan Community College and plans to go back and finish school.  She hopes to have a future in child development and care.  Ms. Hannah is excited to grow and learn at The Hills.


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