3-6 Years Old
  • Program Overview

    What to expect for your pre-schoolers
  • Primary Program

    At the Primary level our educational program is based on the premise that young children flourish with gentle guidance and the freedom to work at their own pace. The carefully prepared environment of the 3-6 year old is designed to take advantage of the child’s sensitive years— those times when there is a readiness to learn specific skills.

    Our rich classroom environments, full of hundreds of learning materials, facilitate the independent learning of skills moving from the concrete to abstract learning process. They are designed to put children at ease by giving them freedom within limits — a safe place to grow and learn.

    • Primary Room 1:
      3 - 6 Years
    • Primary Room 2:
      3 - 6 Years
  • Includes Preschool and Kindergarten. (*Children must be fully potty trained in order to be placed or moved into the Primary classroom)

  • The Primary Curriculum

    • Practical Life
    • Sensorial
    • Mathematics
    • Cultural Studies
    • Language
  • Class Educators

    With education and experience in early childhood care
    • Ms Molly
      Pre-Primary Room Teacher

      Ms Molly

      Pre-Primary Room Teacher

      Ms. Molly has been in the early childhood arena for the past four years, and absolutely LOVES it! She attended UNO for two years pursuing a degree in Early Childhood. Ms. Molly is amazed at how fast young children grow and learn, and has fallen in love with all aspects of the Montessori philosophy.  Her future goals include continuing to learn about Montessori, providing her students in baby room 2 with engaging hands on learning opportunities and eventually hopes to take Montessori training for her certification. Ms. Molly grew up in Omaha and is looking forward to marrying her high school sweetheart this October.

    • Ms Felicia
      Pre-Primary Room Teacher

      Ms Felicia

      Pre-Primary Room Teacher

      Ms. Felicia came to The Hills Montessori after working n the early childhood field for 9 years!!The Hills is her first experience with Montessori however she has totally embraced the philosophy. Ms. Felecia loves how Montessori allows students to pursue their interests and flourish in the independent learning environment. Ms. Felicia holds a CDA and hopes to one day take Montessori training for certification. Ms. Felicia has been married for five years and and is the proud mommy to baby Chloe.  Ms. Felicia is currently on family leave and will be returning soon to sub.

    • Ms Megan
      Primary Room Teacher

      Ms Megan

      Primary Room Teacher

      Ms. Megan was born in Memphis TN however raised in Omaha, NE. After graduating from Millard North High School she pursued her degree in Elementary Education at Augustana University in Sioux Falls. Ms. Megan graduated with her degree in 2007 and then was employed by Millard Public Schools and had the opportunity to work at Norris Elementary in the Primary Montessori classroom. Ms. Megan was married in October of 2010, and had her first child in 2015. Little Jessica attends The Hills Montessori baby room program, while her mama works in Primary. Ms. Megan enjoys going for walks, baking, swimming and spending time with her family!

    • Ms Oksana
      Pre-Primary Room Teacher

      Ms Oksana

      Pre-Primary Room Teacher
    • Ms Gabi
      Primary Room Teacher

      Ms Gabi

      Primary Room Teacher

      Ms. Gabi is the lead teacher in Primary 2 classroom and is the proud product of a Montessori education. She started Montessori at age two, and continued Montessori throughout her elementary and middle school years. After attending Montessori through the eighth grade, Ms. Gabi attended high school at Millard South.

      Ms. Gabi loves children and has worked as a nanny and at Kids Network through Millard Public Schools. She is currently a junior at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, working towards a bachelors degree in Early Elementary Education. She also recently completed  Montessori Teaching earning a Certificate in Primary Montessori Education.

      Ms. Gabi has lived in Omaha her entire life and has three younger siblings. Her brother is a sophomore at Millard South High School and one of her sisters is a freshman at Millard South. Both siblings also attended Montessori through the eighth grade. Ms. Gabi’s youngest sister is eight-years-old, and is in Montessori at Norris Elementary.

      Ms. Gabi’s mom is a former Montessori teacher, and her dad has worked in the hotel industry for many years.

      Ms. Gabi is delighted to work at The Hills Montessori school because she loves children and has such fond memories of her own Montessori education.

    • Ms Jordan
      Substitute Teacher

      Ms Jordan

      Substitute Teacher

      Ms. Jordan began at The Hills Montessori over three years ago. She is one of our most versatile staff and has worked with every age group. She doesn’t have a favorite age group as she is able to appreciate the uniqueness each age has to offer. Ms. Jordan is from a military family and was born in Las Vegas. During her childhood she lived in Wyoming, New Mexico, Colorado and ultimately ended up in Bellevue, Nebraska. She graduated from Bellevue West High School and met her husband there and they were married April 2016. Ms. Jordan is a current student at Metro and is studying computer electronics and Japanese. Her favorite part of working at The Hills Montessori is watching the children’s development. Her hobbies include music, sewing and video games.

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